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In 1936, General Lazaro Cardenas del Rio, President of the Republic, gives life to the National Polytechnic Institute, the purpose is to serve as more specific technical and industrial needs that the country needs, your primary task will be to generate engineers and technicians in specialized areas to strengthen the development of the nation.  Therefore, the institute takes a big push and demand for youth to enter their space grows exponentially. When performing a thorough analysis of the circumstances, determine the need for the National Polytechnic Institute have an organization that is dedicated itself to creating physical spaces with appropriate facilities and the characteristics and special needs so require. Since the creation of the Institute, the Administrative Committee of the Federal School Construction (CAPFCE) was commissioned to assist and equip the space of the buildings that were posted to the Polytechnic, with this assignment, I realize the designs of buildings that would be required at the time.  Likewise, the Federal District Department develops architectural projects for the Institute of units thus expanding its physical infrastructure. Looking at this particular need for the Institute, is initially created a unit specializing in the development and design of spaces required by the Polytechnic. As President of the Republic on C. Adolfo Ruiz Cortines and Director of the National Polytechnic Institute Mr. Alejo Peralta Diaz Ceballos is created by presidential decree, the Board of Works and Facilities for the National Polytechnic Institute, published on December 26, 1956 and came into force from 7 February 1957. In 1959 President Adolfo Lopez Mateos amending decree issued in 1956 and becomes the Board of Workshops, Laboratories and Equipment IPN (PATLE). With this organization, in 1958 construction began Zacatenco Professional unit. During the administration of Gustavo Díaz Ordaz as president of the Mexican Republic and Dr. Guillermo Massieu Helguera as Director of IPN, repealing the decrees of 56 and 59, and issued the decree creating the February 2, 1967 the Board Works and installations of the National Polytechnic Institute, published on March 2, 1967. The Board of works and facilities of the National Polytechnic Institute, since its inception has raised the necessary projects to strengthen, enrich and expand the physical infrastructure of the Institute, thus further consolidating the spaces already available, was given to the task of raising the prospects of development of the Polytechnic. This is how you create projects where the unit is strengthened Santo Tomas Cardenas and Architect Reynaldo Perez Rayon, presents the grand project of the Professional Unit Adolfo López Mateos. Without of course neglecting the peripheral campuses and the creation of spaces in various units of the metropolitan area of ??both a high school education and higher education and research. On February 7, 2012 the Board of Works and Facilities National Polytechnic Institute celebrates 55 years, which devoted entirely to the growth, strengthening and renewing the physical infrastructure of the National Polytechnic Institute. Along with the leadership of IPN has been made care programs to all schools of study, research, cultural development and / or sports, as well as supporting administrative entities. All this in order that these areas of care and quality of services to be provided are efficient for both teachers and administrative workers, but mainly to the student population and research carried out within the National Polytechnic. Will remain the top priority of the Board, developing projects with a view to creating the best environments for the development of community polytechnic.​

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Instituto PolitÉcnico Nacional

D.R. Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), Av. Luis Enrique Erro S/N, Unidad Profesional Adolfo López Mateos, Zacatenco, Delegación Gustavo A. Madero, C.P. 07738, Ciudad de México, México, 2009-2013.
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